Little Girls should know their place

  • Little: Any hints on what this secret is? i'd feel less anxious about it if I was in the loop Daddy.
  • Daddy: No hints baby
  • Little: Whyyyyyyy?
  • Daddy: Because Little girls aren't supposed to know everything
  • Little: Oooookay that made my cunt throb Daddy. (blush)
  • Daddy: I love how your pussy throbs when I put you in your place baby.
  • Little: Daddy, when you talk like that it makes me want things...
  • Daddy: What kind of things does it make you want baby?
  • Little: To be in your hands. It makes me want you to really put me in my place.
  • Daddy: Do you need me to make you feel little baby? Do you need me to remind you that you're mine?
  • Little: Yes. Like a thousand times yes. Please. Whiiiiiiine.
  • Daddy: Patience baby, You'll get what you want.